# Zendikar Technologies

We are Zendikar Technologies, a modern software development company based in Aarhus, Denmark. We specialize in backend architecture, framework, and operations. We create and maintain everything from backend applications, frameworks and frameworks, all of which target a wide array of operating systems and platforms, including primarily Windows, but also Mac OS, and most major flavors of Linux.

Our flagship prodcut and vital cornerstone of all our projects, past and present, is the multipurpose and multiplatform Zendikar Framework, which aims to provide new functionality and improve upon existing functionality in the .NET Framework, as per the .NET Standard 1.6. The framework is of-course actively maintained and developed by us, Zendikar Technologies, meaning that it is periodically updated to add new functionality.

# The Zendikar framework

The Zendikar framework is a modular, general purpose framework consisting of various different modules covering everything from IO and Networking to Space or vector math. Furthermore, the framework consists of a core module, which all of the other modules depend on, the core module's purpose is to provide often needed helper methods and utility functionality, that would otherwise not fit into any of the other existing modules. As of today, the framework currently consists of the following modules:

Core module of the framework, the one on which all other moduels depend. It cotains various utility functionality, such as: Improved streams, in-depth string comparison and much, much more.
IO module of the Framework, contains functionality for parsing and manipulating various different file formats such as, ICO files, PBO archives and PZO objects. Also including implementations of various different compression and encoding algorithms.
Math module of the Framework, contains a feature complete set of Vector classes, in formats the can be used both for scientific calculations and computer games, a long with matrix math functionality that allows for 2D/3D transformations.
Networking module of the Framework, contains implementations of various new networking protocols, such as Reliable UDP (R-UDP) and secure UDP (S-UDP), while also containing improved implementations the current UDP protocols.
Raduga module of the Framework, the Raduga module contains functionality for compiling, processing and parsing programming languages and currently has a fully functional C/C++ preproccessor.
Security module of the Framework, much like the System.Security namespace this module contains iimplementations of various different hashing and encryption algorithms, such as MD2, MD4 or MD6.
Space module of the Framework, contains functionality for parsing and handling data in the TLE/3LE format for data representing satellites and their orbits.

# Get in touch

If you need something done, have any questions, or would otherwise want to contact us, feel send us and email at contact@zendikar.net, we will be more then happy to answer any questions you have, or help you out as best we can.

For questions regarding the Zendikar Framework and its functionality please refer to the documentation before contacting us. The documentation contains descriptions and examples for all functionality in the framework itself.